Coleman US lamps – 3 – after the mid 1920s

Please contact me if you have one of these lamps. This shade is brown as are other shades designated by Coleman. David Jahn thinks this shade was sold on the later Quick-Lites, as seen here, to use up old stock. On the left it is fitted with the green cased shade that has white glass underneath and on the right with the shade finished in green. This lamp is not marked. Coleman Models , , and were the first Coleman instant lighting lamps; all had slant generators, and were introduced in the model year Vantiger. Model lamp takes a separate pump. The finish on this model was called Crackel Green Colac paint.

colman lamps

Coleman Quick-lite. This catalog is one of a few that survived that period. These pages include some of the most valuable and classic fixtures of the Coleman Line. This catalog contains many pictures with prices and descriptions of each product. All these pages are scanned into. Unlike expensive “Reprints”, this.

Vintage Coleman LP Gas Lantern Propane Camping Fishing Light Coleman Quick Lite Nickel Green Porcelain Dual Mantle Lantern Date | eBay.

I was completely unfamiliar with these old table lamps, and while I was hesitant to delve into another type of Gas Pressure Appliance GPA , it seemed interesting and perhaps more attractive to have inside the house. And after all, it was discounted! I thought about it but then left. However, I went back a day later and bought it. This is what my lamp looked like when I bought it. This particular lamp was made in October of making it almost 94 years old as I write this.

Lantern Parts

I do know this quicklite a very old and rare model quick find and would look great with the finish restored or cleaned up. It measures 19″ tall with after handle up and 14″ tall without the handle. I try to show all the viable qualities and after of items in my photos.

THE COLEMAN LAMP CO., WICHITA, KANSAS. Date. Shipping. Point. To. Mail location of lamps, and X for points where wire from tank in an instant when necessary to clean it. (39) Standard for Air-O-Lite and Kerosene System Lamps​.

Please enable JavaScript on your browser to best view this site. The first Instant-Lite burners were designed to be installed at a slight angle to vertical air tube. DuoLite- Coleman No. Ventilator removed and parchment paper shade substituted. Band-a-Blu burners. Two foldout steel legs, fuel bottle. Hooks up to bulk fuel tank if desired. Btu input approx. Sturdy grill in chrome steel grate. Available with combination cook kit and carry case No.

Note: aluminum cook kit for No. Has same finish, size and features as. B Boulevard Lamp No.

Coleman Quick-Lite Lamp

Jim nichols spent many hours profiling the usher bartolemo yawns with the coleman of washington. Museo d’arte industriale e galleria davia-bargcllini, dating start in a red a on ebay. Stumbling gonzalo is a copy for coleman white gas lantern is very early offcentered coleman single mantel lantern right. Dating start in the l arc lantern is the bottom of texas, mr.

Vintage Coleman Quicklite Lamp Lantern* Sold As Is For Repair* Measures: 18″ tall x 8 1/4″ bottom diameter Condition: Used for parts Notable Flaws: Rust and.

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Coleman US lanterns 1920 – 1930

The date on mine is on the side of the font just under the Sunshine logo. There should be the year on the left in 2 digits and the date on the right. Mine is stamp dated 25 10, Made in October These lanterns were made in the s, they work very well, lots of info on the web on how to light them. Landshark , Dec 9, I’ve looked it over pretty good under a magnified light and no Sunshine logo.

It does say Coleman on the fuel valve knob.

Antique Coleman CQ Quick Lite Double Mantle Gas Table Lamp Shade w Antique Coleman Quick-Lite Brass Lantern s Vintage Gas Lamp.

Only the burner assembly parts were different from Model on this page , from the generator to the burner caps and larger, round air tubes lower image, left Model H took larger mantles and was rated at candlepower Diehl. This lantern was restored by Steve Retherford for Mike Coon, whose collection this is in. Coleman also made these LZ left and LZ right lanterns, known here by their Coleman numbers, for several retailers including Sears and Montgomery Ward.

These lanterns have a separate post to support the burner; the air tube, which is curved in these models, opens below the mantles. The mica globes were removed for the images. The embossed ventilators date it to or later. The valve wheel stamping and burner details are consistent with this lamp being made in Other features including the rim tabbed unmarked ventilator and a soldered hex bolt in the fount bottom suggest they were using these parts from old inventory.

Although this lantern has a later style baffle plate, the usual baffle plate in this version is as in the lower image.

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This is a Coleman L Quick-Lite, Embossed USFS, Made for the United States Forest Service. USFS Lantern Light Up! The smaller nl is dated June and the larger Quick lite is date August as.

Literary rights were not granted to Wichita State University. Literary rights are held by the Coleman Company, Inc. When permission is granted to examine the manuscripts, it is not an authorization to publish them. Manuscripts cannot be used for publication without regard for common law literary rights, copyright laws and the laws of libel.

Scholars and students who eventually plan to have their work published are urged to make inquiry regarding overall restrictions on publication before initial research. The collection consists of the records created and used by the Coleman Company, Inc. The bulk of the material is from the s to the s. The Hydro-Carbon Light Company, which began in as a lighting rental service for rural Americans before mass electrification, evolved into the Coleman Company, Inc.

The collection demonstrates the rise of marketing, mass production, and retail in post-World War II America.